Established in 1990, Pioneer Home Health Care is a community-based, not for profit 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing professional services in the home.  We believe that allowing patients to remain at home speeds recovery time and helps to maintain independence and dignity, as well as improving the overall quality of life.

Pioneer Home Health Care, as an important link in the health care delivery system, is committed to identifying and serving the community’s home health care needs through a cost-effective, progressive outreach approach to service. We are dedicated to providing therapeutically necessary care to patients within their own home and family structure for the purpose of minimizing the effects of illness and disability. We believe that ill patients have the responsibility for their own health care and the right to be allowed to participate in decisions regarding their care. The agency also believes that all patients are entitled to the maximum retention of their self-worth and independence as well as comfort and quality of life.

Pioneer Home Health Care has been recognized as one of the top 500 home care agencies in the United States by Home Care Elite.  We have been awarded this prestigious status for excellent patient outcomes and an outstanding record of preventing hospitalizations.




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